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Cut Stock Lumber for the Pallet Industry

Pre-cut Pallet lumber of all sizes, grades and species. We produce standard cut stock lumber for production of all types of pallets and crates. We have green and dry lumber including KD and KDHT stamped lumber for use for export outside the US.  


Our lumber mill is owner operated, this allows us to maintain a standard of quality that lumber brokers and wholesalers cannot.


Some of the items we provide include...

  • Douglas Fir pallet lumber- green and dry

  • Core material including 2x4x48 and 5 piece core products

  • Hardwood pallet lumber

  • Utility grade pallet lumber

  • Economy grade pallet lumber

  • GMA pallet cut stock

  • 2x4x48 notch lumber

  • 1x4x40 lumber

  • 1x6x40 lumber

  • Custom Sizes- try us, we can produce any special or unusual size

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